miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Real Nice Thing in Life #9

My blog (and my life) has reached the point of inevitable change. Beautiful Alcibides has decided to quit his duties as the official photographer of The Guayaba Project to explore greener pastures. I'm hoping only for the best for him. He would be greatly missed. I will always love you Alcibiades :)

But don't you worry my dear un-occupied followers, I've gotten myself an adventurous, funny, beautiful, smart new photographer. Her name is CoCo and in case you are wondering, that's not her alias, that's actually her real name. When you are lucky enough to have a stripper's name, the world just bends over backwards for you. Mental note: is it too late to change my name to Candy?

Welcome to The Guayaba Project CoCo. Consider this your playground. 

Real Nice Thing in Life #9: To embrace change, even when it hurts and when desperate there's nothing that CoCos, Candies, Emeralds, Trixies or Bubbles won't be able to heal. 

Urban Outfitters Shirt. Every thing else is very old and has no labels left. Other than the boots that are Frye and in case you are wondering if they are comfortable, the answer is No. These boots are not made for walking. The domestication process lasts a good five years (like a husband :)).