domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Real Nice Thing in Life #10

While cleaning my "no-space-left" memory card yesterday I came along these pictures from my vacation in Colombia. I'd like to call these Paseo de Rio (River trip. Now that I think about it, this is one of those things impossible to translate, but believe me, it makes sense in Spanish). I cannot go to Colombia and not go to a very popular paseo de rio. Maybe is the psychological effects of letting the water take away my bad energies, sins, and excess baggage. Or maybe I just enjoy the numbness effect of immersing my body in very cold water, either way, I love going on paseos de rio. This time I took my mom and Maco (My mom's BF and also the photographer) with me. And soap, and shampoo, and some sort of sugary mixture to exfoliate my skin. Yes, I'm that tacky. Too bad Maco didn't get a shot of me washing my hair. 

Enjoy your Sunday! and just because I'm in some horrible non-inspirational-couple-of-weeks mode doesn't mean that I have forgotten about my Real Nice Things in life series. So here it goes, Real Nice Thing in Life #10: To freeze yourself while showering outdoors. To let the river wash away what you don't need. Including dead skin cells. 

No, I'm not peeing. I'm just watching some ants carrying 100 times their weights in leaves.

Le Ternera. (The veal)