jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

volareee oh oh!

I came across these pictures a couple of years ago. I've tried to find out who created them, but I haven't been successful. I keep wondering....how does he/she gets the flies (they are intact! almost as if they died of natural causes and by natural causes I don't mean squeezed between the wall (or any flat surface) and the fly killer better known in South America as "the Mata Moscas"). Mental note: ask my brother how do flies die of natural causes? do they just drop dead while flying?
You can consider these pictures as artistic, or you can consider them to be a waste of 60 seconds you are never getting back (sorry! please keep visiting), but you can't deny that who ever came up with this idea has: a. way too much free time on it's hands and b. a filthy house full of flies and God knows what else.
Hope you like them! Enjoy your weekend.
 Weee weee weeee!!!!

Somebody explain this picture to me please! What kind of party are these flies having?