martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Good Vibrations

I'm a strong believer in the energy that people and living creatures project. I consider myself as a carrier of "good" energy, and my conclusion is purely based on the fact that most of the dogs and cats (and a couple of horses and now that I think about it even my neighbor's hamsters) I've met during the course of my life want to frolic with me. Maybe is not good energy, maybe I taste like bacon. 

In any case, I'm one of those freaks of nature that believes that ones energy is transmitted to ones clothing and personal items (now is your chance to run away and delete me from your contacts. Are you are still there? OK, hang on a second, this gets better). So even thought I'm a fashion lover, I have refrained myself for many years from visiting vintage stores for the pure fear of weird energies....... (please somebody tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this way, please!) But since we are creatures in constant evolution, I have adventured myself into the wonderful world of vintage shopping, and what better place to do it that in the heart of NYC. No, I didn't freak out. I didn't feel my late grandma's energy floating around and I didn't smell anybody's armpit scent. What I did find was a wonderful place full of wonderful clothing, great people, more colors than Nicki Minaj's hair, and great energy!!

Adios amigos!

BCBG booties
Beautiful male specimen, found on the new arrivals section. 
Alexander Wang dress: wait for me, we'll be together someday. 

Alexander McQueen Boots, BCBG Runway dress

Zac Posen blouse. I happen to be very lucky and score this beauty for almost nothing. She lives in my closet now and we are very much in love (the blouse is entirely transparent, and since I live in a society where showing a nipple is one of the biggest sins one can commit, I decided to put little flowers on top of my mammary glands, use your imagination please).

Gucci vintage shoes, and vintage dress that I left crying back in the racks :(

Special thanks to Kathy for being my photographer and my friend. Alcibiades has been having a hectic schedule and is taking some days off, but he'll be back soon ;). Thanks to Wilson from Second Time Around for being a sunshine and allowing us to play dress up for hours in his store. Love you all!

sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

Money, Plata, Lana, Dough.....

I recently read an article in Independent Fashion Bloggers (yes people, there is a fantastic web site with Tips and shit about blogging and fashion and in-dependency) called how not to go into debt over personal styling. No, I'm not in debt, at least not with banks, maybe with some friends (I still owe my friend Angela a pair of shoes she had lend me and  I ruined after a night of crazy partying) and definitely with my parents (insert countless tears dropped by my mom trying to make out of me a decent person here), but I do like to spend money in what I like to call body containers better known as dresses and shoes. However, this article inspired me to write about some of my "fancy" clothing pieces and how I got them. 
Let me give you a little background about myself (o en español, venga le cuento algo de este pechito):
As I've mentioned many times throughout this blog, I'm an architect (a registered one, this means I managed to pass 9 super difficult state exams!! (double exclamation points required, sorry)), I work as an architect and I don't have any kids (just my 2 cats). In other words, I've gained the right to allure myself every now and then with a nice treat. However, as much as I love to dress nicely and have cool things, I have rules, and I hold to them tight, here they are:

1. Build character. Once you build character style flows naturally. Having great style doesn't mean spending a lot of money. Target is one of my favorite stores and most of the clothing I owe comes from this place. 

2. Buy less often but better quality. I learned this from Isabel Toledo's book. I rather have 5 very good quality pair of shoes than 30 not so good. 

3. Talking about those 30 pair of shoes: I'm the total opposite to a hoarder. I cannot tell you enough how many times I purge my closet during the course of the season. Take out that skirt that you are holding on to for when you lose those 5 pounds, or stop thinking that your feet will shrink miraculously some day and that you'll fit into those strappy sandals. Purge your closet and give those unwanted items to someone in need. 

4. Don't pay full price (unless you are crazy about certain item that will go sold out in hours and then you'll regret you didn't get it and you'll be miserable for the rest of your life and you'll become a grumpy old lady and your neighbors will hate you and you'll end up alone in the world!). In most cases everything ends up going on sale. So just relax, go home, take a warm bath and think about the damage you are about to do to your bank account.

5. Don't take body containers too seriously, I'm sure your skin is much nicer than that MiuMiu dress!

Enough blah blah......talking about luxury items, here are some of the few pictures I manged to take on the Prada and Schiaparelli exhibition last week at the MET. I totally recommend it. Don't miss it, and don't forget to get yourself a mini Prada shoe for the fat toe. Pictures and prohibited, but you are smart enough, "text" while you walk around. 

martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

DIY of the Month

I think we can confidently say that summer is here. I talk a lot about the weather, but please understand me, I live in the New York area, and the weather here is a main topic of conversation. In celebration of the new season I've decided to work on several Do It Yourselves projects (I still owe you a DIY pant a la Isabel Marant as certain Instagram Picture suggested it, I just need to smitten Alcibiades (my photographer) into a photoshoot), after all I'm an architect damn it, and I was trained to explore my right creative side of the brain (or the left?). Therefore, just so my mom doesn't think she threw her money down the drain with my education,  I want to share with you one of my favorite DIY of all times; I will call it: what to do with your friend's backyard when you've pretty much done it all DIY (we've done the inflatable pool, the take a picture with baby bear now that momma bear is not looking, the let's go deep into the woods, the let's see the sun rise even when we are dying to go to bed, etc). I'm giving you exact instructions, but if you are lost at any time, please don't hesitate to call me.

Adios my lovers, I hope you are still tuned. Besos!

Green Bathing Suit that is not really a bathing suit but I think it looks wonderful in a pool or any "wet" environment, American Apparel. Bathing Suit worn underneath  The Green bathing Suit also American Apparel. Friends brought to you by years of cultivating wonderful relationships. All pictures by Alcibiades. Thank you Alcibiades, without you, this blog would be a series of self taken boring mirror  pictures. I love you. 

viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

The Mechanic

Is Friday my friends, and my plan for today is to stop by the MET to check Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada's Impossible Conversations Exhibit. I would give you a full report soon, I promise. 
In the meantime, aside from cleaning up my closet, I've been feeling very creative and I've been exploring some role playing. Here for example I offer you the mechanic, that dirty creature with constant french manicure (creative enough to have replaced the white nail polish line with black grease) and overalls. My nails are not that dirty, and I switched the boots for high heals, but you get the point. Who else should I dress up as? I take any suggestions.
Enjoy your weekend, go outside, play ball, use sunscreen and get crazy! 
Luv u all :)

Jumpsuit by H&M, Franco Sarto shoes

lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012

Waking Up

Monday. Sleepy. Lack of words. Addicted to Hoarders. Scared. Compulsive cleaning. Rediscovered my Rodarte for Target dress. In love. Happy again. Promise to be more eloquent soon.

This dress serves as a mosquito net. Taking it with me on my next trip to Colombia.

Rodarte for Target Dress, Celine Shoes, Emilio Pucci scarf. 

lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

Enchanted Island

I don't remember how many times I've traveled to Puerto Rico. Is one of those places along with Paris and Tulum that have a very special meaning for me. Maybe because it reminds me of Colombia but most certainly because of the beauty of its people. Since the very first time I visited the enchanted island with my brother more than 13 years ago, I felt as if I belong there. Hey you Boricuas out there! thank you for all of these years of great memories.

So, in celebration of me getting 20 followers* on blogger!! :) (this well earned event deserves not only double exclamation marks but bold letters and smiley faces) I'm sharing with you my pictures from my trip number "I lost count already" to Puerto Rico. As you can see, Alcibiades makes overseas trips too (is Puerto Rico considered overseas? I guess so right? you are going over a sea to get there...yeap). 

* I need to air out some feelings I have about followers. When I started this fun activity called "blogging" I thought it could be a nice way of sharing my life with family and friends. And then something super cool happened, people that I've never met before started emailing me and saying really nice things about my posts, and not only that, but they started following me. Thank you so much, this means a lot to me, I will try my best not to let you down. 

I hope you are still awake and reading this, or at least scrolling down fast to take a look at the pictures, I promise these are kinda fun. I'm wearing a bathing suit and my skin is the same color as the sand. I had to wear red lipstick for safety reasons so people and birds could see and wouldn't run me over.

Luv you all,

Guayaba daba doo :)

Doggie in Old San Juan
Spying on another hottie. No one is safe around me. Be aware, be very aware!
Let's take a do you call these flowers? In Colombia they are called veraneras and they come in many colors. My mom has the pink variety. Aren't they just perfect?

Pigeons of Old San Juan......

Enjoy your week. Love, laugh, exercise, and read more, watch less TV and don't forget to call your mom more often (sorry mom, I'll call tomorrow, promise!)