viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

Los Toledo

I enjoy having a routine in my daily activities. I like waking up with no rush, having a formal breakfast and making up the bed. I don't mind petting the cats for 10 minutes each early in the morning. I try to board the same train wagon and I use the same revolving door when entering my office building. My lunch hour is well spent wandering around 34th street looking for a place to buy the same salad with the same ingredients every day. After work there's nothing I enjoy more than exercising. Crossfit when possible, or hot yoga as a perfect second choice. I don't consider myself a boring person, but having a routine gives me a sense of safeness  that I enjoy.
On seldom occasions I allow myself to be more adventurous. Like last night with my friend Pepa* (AKA Friend). She invited me to El Museo del Barrio to a great event called Fashion is What Time looks like where we met fashion designer Isabel Toledo and her husband Rubén Toledo. It's always refreshing to meet people that make you smile the very first second you see them. This couple is not only super talented (for starters she designed the dress Michelle Obama wore for the president's inauguration speech), but sweet, honest, inspirational, and as real as human beings can be. Rubén (as if we are pals already) signed my book and drew a little sketch of me. Isabel meanwhile a little more shy gave me a sweet look that I will never forget. 
Lesson of the night: be yourself, follow your dreams, be honest to yourself, and clean and maintain your shoes, they might take you places you've never imagined!
In all fairness.....he is the president, but come one, who's in charge in this relationship? :)
*All names had been changed to protect the victims of this madness called TheGuayabaProject. 
Friend, I love you! Gracias por la invitación.

domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

On Bandeau Tops

Inspired by a super cool picture I saw in Nylon magazine I decided to post something about bandeau tops. New York Fashion week and Paris Fashion week were both inundated with beautiful "band aid tops". 
Too risque? hell yeah. Vulgar? nah, ok, maybe a bit. Controversial? Always, and that's why I'm loving this trend. 
Because a picture of me in a bathing suit is not embarrassing enough, I'm also sharing with you the youtube video of the photoshoot :)

Real life outfit I wore this weekend. I didn't have the balls to take the blazer off!
Zara Blazer, MiuMiu shoes, Zara pants, Agua bendita bathing suit (see? this is a very easy outfit, just dig into your old bathing suit tops drawer and you are good to go) 
Alcibiades, thanks again for your help, you can't never say that you job is boring!

martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

Round and Round....

You can pretty much kick my ass next time you see me for milking this outfit for more than one post. What can I tell you? I've been out surveying train stations (because I'm an architect damn it :)) and the chances of posting something halfway interesting are very slim when you have to travel to Middleofnowhere, IL. But with free time and with no better half to snug, hug under the blankets, and argue about stupid things I'm pretty much left with no other choice than to start exploring the wonderful world of animated images. Are you dizzy yet? I am.

sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

Crossfit on Steroids

I've always love to exercise. I remember spending my childhood days taking karate, hockey, swimming, gymnastics, and soccer lessons. I never performed great at any of these sports, and I'm pretty sure I was the kid that no one wanted in their team, but this never stopped me from having a great time and participating.
Now that I'm kinda of a grown up, I've opted for less intense activities like yoga and Pilates. Relaxing? yes, good for your body and soul? sure, exciting? not so much. I was in desperate need of a slightly more intense activity. My search was over when I discovered Crossfit, an strength and conditioning program that is as intense as you can imagine. I'm loving it, I'm so glad it came into my life, and I hope to keep practicing it for many more years. So in honor to my new crazyness, I give you Crossfit on steroids.

French Connection shirt, Zara shorts, JCrew socks, BCBG shoes, vintage sleeveless sweater.
Special thanks to my coaches for yelling at me so many times "Gloriaaaaaaa get violent and aggressive!", as you can see, you've turned me into a bad-ass ninja.
All pictures by Alcibiades (gracias por ser un alcahuetas!)

domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Miracle on 34th Street

Somehow I was able to score this skirt from the Marni for H&M madness. I lost all hope when I walked by the store at 7:45 am the day of the opening and there was a line that went all the way from 34th to 33rd street. I stopped by the store during my lunch hour just to sob over empty Marni aisles; and then like a miracle (I know, I know it's just clothes but who doesn't like a dose of drama on a Sunday afternoon?) I found this skirt waiting for me at the entrance of the dressing room. We looked at each other and we knew from the very first second we were meant for each other.

hip hip hurraaayyy!

Bonus Picture: Here's me going at 120 mph. Isn't Alcibiades a great photographer? 
It almost looks as if I am not moving!
Marni for H&M skirt, Ralph Lauren dress worn as a blouse, Vince Camuto booties, vintage belt

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012

My Beautiful People

I used to dance tango several years ago. I did it only for a few years but I still love to brag about it because it brought lots of nice things into my life. I met wonderful people who I still keep in touch with (thank you, Zuckerberg), I have a decent body posture, and my mediocre musical taste improved considerably. One of my tango partners (in tango classes you are allowed to have multiple partners, but eventually you have to stick to only one for major presentations...just like in real life) is now a wonderful photographer. He shared with me his work and I'm glad to share it with you. These are the faces of Colombian children. We might not be a rich country, but we are considered one of the happiest countries in the world! and that my friends, is priceless.
Dear green eyes lollipop you are simply stunning! God bless you my love.

because when you are cool YOU ARE COOL!
When in doubt, wear a bright orange dress and a smile

And with these long legs I leave you for now. 
Peace and Love.
All pictures by Gustavo Velez, for more pictures click here
(I've heard he has naked people on his website...I'll be right back)

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Tops down!

The rooftop of my building has become my favorite photo shoot location. It can be the middle of the winter and I can get away wearing a jean jacket and bare legs (disregard purple-lish color on toes and fingers). Cold wind improves blood circulation therefore attacking cellulite and uneven skin (sudden thoughts of spending 3 hours butt naked on my roof top as a cellulite treatment rapidly control my brain. Thoughts quickly disappear as I start imagining upset neighbors and disturbed helicopter pilots and birds). 
this is my I'm-freezing-but-let's-play-it-cool look

Miu Miu shoes, Gap jacket, BCBG t-shirt, vintage skirt.
Note the pretty bracelets I'm wearing, they are hand made with love. Drop me a love note for more information (I might keep them all, my arm and the bracelets are pretty much in love right now, you know I love love notes. How many times did I write the word love?)

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Blue-ming for Spring

Mr. Winter didn't even stop by to say hello this year. My winter coat never made it out of the unreachable left end of my closet, and given the current temperatures it will stay there until next year (assuming Mr. Winter didn't get killed with the constant hot flashes Mother Earth is having lately). So March is here and so is spring. It's time to show those pale and hairy legs again! and what better color to celebrate this beautiful season than blue? 

Phillip Lim vest
seed and sky ETSY

ETSY (I will love to find who makes this pretty little things!)
all about anything blog
infashion issue
Elle Decor magazine
infashion issue
Elle Decor
I want these i want these i want these i want these i want theseee
Go ahead and laugh! yes, I suffer from duck mouth reflex every time I see a camera pointing at me, I can't help it, I'm the female version of Zoolander ;)