What is a guayaba?

I can already hear your inner voice asking, “What’s up with the name?”, “What the hell is a guayaba?”, “Is it a close relative of the papaya?”, “Why couldn’t she name this damn blog like any other normal person would?”, “Is it five yet?”, and most importantly, “Did I unplug the iron?” Let’s start with the easy one first: No, most likely you didn’t unplug the iron. Stop wasting your time in front of the computer and get your ass back home before you burn the whole building down to ashes. But for those of you who don’t give a damn about ironing your clothes and are still focused on the important things in life like learning new words in Mexican languages, here’s what Wikipedia (with a little help from a certain illiterate) has to say:
Guayaba (gwa-jah-ba) a.k.a. Guava (gwa-ba): Small evergreen tree or shrub native to tropical America (isn’t this supposed to be South America? Hey, at least we are not “exotic” America) Guava fruits are round or oval (aren’t we all?) The outer skin may be rough, often with a bitter taste (perfect description of my outer layer), or soft and sweet. Guava leaves are used in folk medicine as a remedy for diarrhea. Genius.
Gloria’s editorial: As much as I rely on Wikipedia for all the questions that keep me up at night, I couldn’t find anything about the guayaba worm, an essential element to this blog. But don’t worry; I created my own explanation via WikiGloria:
Guayaba (gwa-jah-ba) Worm a.k.a. Guayabeitor (gwa-jah-bei-tor): Tiny long, white creature that calls the inside of the guayaba “home.” Harmless to humans’ health and believed to be the cause of the fruit’s delicious taste. For this blog’s purposes I am the worm—I, as in Gloria.
The Guayaba (gwa-jah-ba) Project: Now that we’ve defined the key words in this blog’s title (I will assume that you know the meaning of the words The and Project) let’s cut to the chase and move to the “Why,” shall we?
The Guayaba Project is a place where I, as the Guayaba Worm, will show you through my own eyes (the eyes of an architect and fashion lover) how cool and beautiful this world we all share is.

10 things you should know about me before entering this site:
  1. I’m an architect by day and an exercise-junkie, shoe-lover, carb-addict, and blogger by night.
  2. I own two cats: Necio and Necia. I’ve had them for many years and they love to vomit hairballs on very expensive stuff.
  3. I love red wine. Update (10-8-2018): Sadly, my cats passed and now I am the proud parent of Nacho Cheese, a black and white naughty cat that loves to snuggle like nothing I have ever seen before. I love him. 
  4. I’m Colombian. I have been living here (NYC) for 1/3 of my life now. I love New York, but I still miss my mom and her lentil soup (she’s still in Colombia with my brother).
  5. I don’t like talking over the phone. Text me a place and a time and I’ll be there to meet you. I promise.
  6. My favorite magazine while I was growing up was Condorito. Garganta de Lata and Huevo Duro defined who I am as a person today.
  7. My favorite food is cereal with organic almond milk. Period.
  8. I spent six years of my life designing and building psychiatric hospitals and prisons. I’m not sure if this is to be considered funny or sad. You make the choice. I must say however, that the last prison I was working on was in Puerto Rico, so I did a lot of traveling to the enchanted Island. Life smiles at you in funny ways sometimes.
  9. I was reluctant to open a Twitter account for the longest time. I finally surrendered and opened one for The Guayaba Project. I still don’t get the idea of the blue birdie. Seriously, why would anyone care about how my day is going in less than 140 words? “I ate mushroom soup with potatoes and now I’m bloated”. Update (10-8-2018): I never wrote anything on Twitter, forgot my password, attempted to recover it but apparently someone stole my Twitter account. Still not caring about Twitter. 
  10. I go to sleep at 10pm every night. I like waking up early and I’ve found myself making arepas with hot chocolate at 6am.
Thanks for visiting The Guayaba Project. Drop me a note! I love the virtual world of blogging, but nothing beats meeting up for coffee and making new friends “in real life.”