lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013

How to survive a big load (of snow that is)

These past few days have been packed with exciting events like New York's Fashion Week, the resignation of the Pope (really? can he just resign? did he get a mid-Pope crisis? can't he just get a Lamborghini Diablo and tour the mountains of Italy before abandoning his followers? I'm so un-friending him!) and of course the Finding Nemo storm that had us covered with several inches of a powdery white substance called snow. For us mortals coming from the equator part of the globe this seasonal phenomenon still provide a great deal of excitement. The closest to snowing when I was growing up in Colombia was rain with huge balls of haze, better known as granizo. Usually this hail melts immediatly as it touches the ground. It never accumulates the way snow does.  

So in celebration of the messy snow that we (we as in we the people from The Guayaba Project, meaning me, CoCo, the ocassional friend that loves pictures, and the innocent neighbor that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time) love so much, we've designed an infallible  method on how to survive the mother of all loads. 

Recipe for Surviving a Storm


2 Small bottles of Aguardiente (Vodka, Sake, or Gin acceptable too. Adjust portions as necessary).
1 Gigantic pretty dog.
1 Crazy friend.
1 Amazing photographer.
Multiple classes of yoga and meditation to enjoy this absurd cold weather as much as a day in the warm beaches of the Caribbean.

Open one bottle of aguardiente 2 hours prior to the beginning of the storm. Consume with friends, photographer, neighbors, and total strangers. The more people involved, the merrier. Heat should be starting to build up in that cold body of yours. Adjust clothing as necessary. 
Send the crazy friend to the unknown neighbor and have her ask him for his pretty gigantic dog. Pretty gigantic dogs always make for great picture backgrounds
Open bottle #2 and if brave go outside. Limbs should start to freeze rapidly, so move fast. Photographer might start to see double. Make sure to adjust camera to automatic focus at this time. 
Try to enjoy the storm until the aguardiente is over or until you can't feel your toes, whichever comes first. Make sure to take a warm bath after. The chances of loosing parts of your extremities due to frost bite are great. Enjoy the snow!
All pictures by CoCo. Merci mon amour.