sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

Money, Plata, Lana, Dough.....

I recently read an article in Independent Fashion Bloggers (yes people, there is a fantastic web site with Tips and shit about blogging and fashion and in-dependency) called how not to go into debt over personal styling. No, I'm not in debt, at least not with banks, maybe with some friends (I still owe my friend Angela a pair of shoes she had lend me and  I ruined after a night of crazy partying) and definitely with my parents (insert countless tears dropped by my mom trying to make out of me a decent person here), but I do like to spend money in what I like to call body containers better known as dresses and shoes. However, this article inspired me to write about some of my "fancy" clothing pieces and how I got them. 
Let me give you a little background about myself (o en español, venga le cuento algo de este pechito):
As I've mentioned many times throughout this blog, I'm an architect (a registered one, this means I managed to pass 9 super difficult state exams!! (double exclamation points required, sorry)), I work as an architect and I don't have any kids (just my 2 cats). In other words, I've gained the right to allure myself every now and then with a nice treat. However, as much as I love to dress nicely and have cool things, I have rules, and I hold to them tight, here they are:

1. Build character. Once you build character style flows naturally. Having great style doesn't mean spending a lot of money. Target is one of my favorite stores and most of the clothing I owe comes from this place. 

2. Buy less often but better quality. I learned this from Isabel Toledo's book. I rather have 5 very good quality pair of shoes than 30 not so good. 

3. Talking about those 30 pair of shoes: I'm the total opposite to a hoarder. I cannot tell you enough how many times I purge my closet during the course of the season. Take out that skirt that you are holding on to for when you lose those 5 pounds, or stop thinking that your feet will shrink miraculously some day and that you'll fit into those strappy sandals. Purge your closet and give those unwanted items to someone in need. 

4. Don't pay full price (unless you are crazy about certain item that will go sold out in hours and then you'll regret you didn't get it and you'll be miserable for the rest of your life and you'll become a grumpy old lady and your neighbors will hate you and you'll end up alone in the world!). In most cases everything ends up going on sale. So just relax, go home, take a warm bath and think about the damage you are about to do to your bank account.

5. Don't take body containers too seriously, I'm sure your skin is much nicer than that MiuMiu dress!

Enough blah blah......talking about luxury items, here are some of the few pictures I manged to take on the Prada and Schiaparelli exhibition last week at the MET. I totally recommend it. Don't miss it, and don't forget to get yourself a mini Prada shoe for the fat toe. Pictures and prohibited, but you are smart enough, "text" while you walk around.