viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

Los Toledo

I enjoy having a routine in my daily activities. I like waking up with no rush, having a formal breakfast and making up the bed. I don't mind petting the cats for 10 minutes each early in the morning. I try to board the same train wagon and I use the same revolving door when entering my office building. My lunch hour is well spent wandering around 34th street looking for a place to buy the same salad with the same ingredients every day. After work there's nothing I enjoy more than exercising. Crossfit when possible, or hot yoga as a perfect second choice. I don't consider myself a boring person, but having a routine gives me a sense of safeness  that I enjoy.
On seldom occasions I allow myself to be more adventurous. Like last night with my friend Pepa* (AKA Friend). She invited me to El Museo del Barrio to a great event called Fashion is What Time looks like where we met fashion designer Isabel Toledo and her husband Rubén Toledo. It's always refreshing to meet people that make you smile the very first second you see them. This couple is not only super talented (for starters she designed the dress Michelle Obama wore for the president's inauguration speech), but sweet, honest, inspirational, and as real as human beings can be. Rubén (as if we are pals already) signed my book and drew a little sketch of me. Isabel meanwhile a little more shy gave me a sweet look that I will never forget. 
Lesson of the night: be yourself, follow your dreams, be honest to yourself, and clean and maintain your shoes, they might take you places you've never imagined!
In all fairness.....he is the president, but come one, who's in charge in this relationship? :)
*All names had been changed to protect the victims of this madness called TheGuayabaProject. 
Friend, I love you! Gracias por la invitación.