sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

Crossfit on Steroids

I've always love to exercise. I remember spending my childhood days taking karate, hockey, swimming, gymnastics, and soccer lessons. I never performed great at any of these sports, and I'm pretty sure I was the kid that no one wanted in their team, but this never stopped me from having a great time and participating.
Now that I'm kinda of a grown up, I've opted for less intense activities like yoga and Pilates. Relaxing? yes, good for your body and soul? sure, exciting? not so much. I was in desperate need of a slightly more intense activity. My search was over when I discovered Crossfit, an strength and conditioning program that is as intense as you can imagine. I'm loving it, I'm so glad it came into my life, and I hope to keep practicing it for many more years. So in honor to my new crazyness, I give you Crossfit on steroids.

French Connection shirt, Zara shorts, JCrew socks, BCBG shoes, vintage sleeveless sweater.
Special thanks to my coaches for yelling at me so many times "Gloriaaaaaaa get violent and aggressive!", as you can see, you've turned me into a bad-ass ninja.
All pictures by Alcibiades (gracias por ser un alcahuetas!)