domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

The Super Hero inside of You

Lately I've been all about therapists, yogis, yoginis (this particular word is not recognized by Wikipedia.  Is the plural form of a yogini (female master practitioner of yoga -clearly not me-) one of those funny English words like radii, fungi, or foci? Or is it spelled the same in both singular and plural form? Accept my apologies for the level of ignorance that I've reached; several weeks of non-blogging had clearly affected my second language learning process), clairvoyants, help groups, and every possible human and non-human (I've been holding bi-weekly therapy sessions with my cats :)) form of mental and/ or spiritual help I can get my hands onto. I've enjoyed most of my encounters (with the exception of a certain fortune teller that insisted -against my will- to read my palm only to tell me horrible things about my chakras -"bitch! what's wrong with my chakras? we've lived in harmony for the past thirty-something years! why don't you go and get your chakras check first!") as I believe that these people had entered my life for a very specific reason. I've learned things from all of them (and hopefully they have learned something from me as well) specially to understand how powerful we all can be, how important is to learn to read our internal compass and specially how obscenely (I really wanted to use the F word here, but sometimes my mom reads this crap and even though she doesn't understand English I'm sure my brother already went thru the bad words with her) expensive one hour of therapy costs in NYC. God bless the health system of the USA, but we'll leave that discussion for another time. 

Until next time, and many thanks and kisses to those of you who kept asking me: "Que pasa con la guayaba? I haven't seen you in weeks! I miss you" You are my inspiration. 

"Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim"
-Nora Ephron

Philip Lim for Target sweater ( I have no idea why in the world do I still go through the nightmare of shopping designers clothes when collaborating with affordable stores (please check this out and laugh at humanity).....Oh wait, I know why, because otherwise is fucking expensive! Sorry mom ;)), American Apparel leggings, New Balance sneakers, and Made with Love bracelet. Pink hair and pictures by the one and only CoCo (what ever you do in life, where ever the river takes you, make sure to have a CoCo in your life).