domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

Back to the Roof

Alcibiades and I are back to our favorite shooting location: the rooftop. Yes, exploring other locations is fun and shit, but nothing beats the comfort of your home. Is like going to a crowed park in the middle of summer when the temperature is a scorching 90+ degrees to watch your favorite music group versus watching it from your air conditioned living room. Park is fun, but living room is perfection....OK, I'm just being dramatic here, but you get the idea.

I decided to act like a "grown up" and got myself a pair of serious black pumps. Not only they are pretty comfy, but the strap around them makes me feet feel like Anastasia being hugged by Christian Grey. (I'm already in book #2, did anyone finish them all? does he keep beating the hell out of her?)

This seriousness only lasted 10 minutes until I wore my DrMartens.....

So the question is? Who wore it best? DrMartens or Balenciaga? Tell me, I already have my favorite.

Zara Jeans, Balenciaga Shoes, Urban Outfitters Shirt (as seen here), DrMartens boots. 
All pictures by Alcibiades.