viernes, 3 de enero de 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Every December 31st just before the clock hits 12 o'clock I panic thinking about my New Year's resolutions. Very often I've found myself breaking self-promises and quite honest I'm one of those persons that give up easily if the aforementioned pledge requires a great deal of sacrifice, e.g: having to quit wine (yeah right!), carbs, and every thing that doesn't belong to the plant kingdom in order to get a six pack. After promising myself for many years a ripped abdominal area a lá Brad Pitt in The Fight Club and only getting a cute flabby belly a lá Lena Dunham in Girls, I just gave up on unrealistic goals and now I stick to the good old promise-as-you-go type of deal. 

This past year however, I realized that I spend too much time dealing with garments i.e. organizing my closet, taking items to the cleaners, doing laundry, folding clothes, removing cat hairs from my sweaters, and all the other activities that revolve around body containers a.k.a. clothes; and I've come up with a promise that I might be able to keep due to its simplicity and lack of sacrifice: I will recycle, reuse, and restore what I already own and I will not buy any unnecessary apparel for at least three months starting January 1st, 2014 (side effects might include nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, constipation, insomnia, skin rash….I'm kidding no i'm not. I very recently saw a documentary about how the USA is  addicted to prescription drugs and now I'm all into side effects. Notice also how easily I get side-tracked). 

My first DIY project of the year is this simple white tank with an illustration from  Erika for Deletereo (I love you mon cherie!). Who knew that a color printer, transfer paper and a couple of plastic emeralds could save a plain tank top from the inevitable destiny of becoming sweaty gym wear? 

Let's hope that this resolution doesn't end up in the bucket of broken promises. In there I can find classics like: I'm never bitting my nails again (hands or feet), I'm never putting my used gum behind my ear for future use after I'm done eating, I will floss my teeth more often, I promise to stop ringing all the bells when I'm trying to gain access to a building, and my favorite: I promise to limit my wine consumption to once per month……right. 

Besos! and what were your New Year's lies resolutions? 

All pictures by CoCo (Gords Inmunds)
I'm wearing very proudly one of the nicest bracelets I've ever placed my paws on. You want one? I know you do.  E-mail me ;)
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