viernes, 17 de mayo de 2013

Happy Friday Quimbara Quimbara!

Celia Cruz, the one and only. If you were born south of the hemisphere chances are that you grew up listening to Celia, El Gran Combo, La Fania, Tito, Joe, etc. These songs are part of our internal hard drive. If only every lesson thought in school was in a form of a salsa song Colombia would be a land of geniuses!

Last weekend CoCo's parents came to visit her, and that such event inspired us to have a mini welcome parents-welcome-nice-weather party at CoCo's backyard; because sometimes all you need is chips, salsa, wine an all-white-outfit and Celia to turn your life into a Carnaval. 

Happy Friday!


Vintage white pants found at certain's aunt house. Remember this? 
H&M vest
All pictures by beautiful CoCo
Extras not knowing exactly what they were getting themselves into include: CoCo's parents and Mafe...the DJ