domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

The Genius I thought I was

I'm lucky enough to have an older brother. When we were little I inherited his clothing. Very often I was mistaken as his younger brother. I never felt upset for this gender confusion, but I developed a love for male clothing (as certain guayabagram suggested). My brother is super bright and smart. I just happen to have cute curly blonde hair. Curly blonde with crazy ideas, just keep reading....

Last Thursday during a pre-fall cleaning session of my husband's closet, I came across the nicest stripped shirts that he no longer considered good enough to share prime closet space with his other shirts. The fabric was just fantastic, a bit too big for moi, but something told me that I could give a better use to these beautiful body containers before making Salvation Army their next destination. So I did what any normal human being would do and I started using the shirt as a super hero cape, although it looked fantastic, I didn't think my office would approve of that look (remember this incident?), then I used it as a turban, look that I loved, but let's remember that we are in the middle of a very intense summer in NYC, maybe I'll try that look for fall. So, what else to do with a beautiful piece of material if it's not to wrap it around your waist and use it a s skirt? And that's exactly what I did. It was perfection. I pictured myself inventing the "shkirt" and selling it all around the world. Everything was beautiful until I went online and typed: "how to wear a men's shirt like a skirt" and suddenly my dreams broke into a million pieces. There are about fifty videos about what the hell to do with men's clothes! Who has the time to come up with this nonsense? My favorite however is this one, click click.

So just when I thought that I've discovered the ultimate fashion creation comes youtube and slaps me in the face. I was this close (fat and index finger almost touching) of proving to my brother and my entire family that there is more than blond fibers in mi skull. There is a video right before youtube came and threw cold water at me, a video that shows the genius I thought I was.

Ralph Lauren men's shirt, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony blouse, Miu Miu shoes, 
Vintage tie head piece. Dorky dance by myself.