domingo, 15 de abril de 2012


In latitudes where seasons are as intense as New York's, the weather becomes a daily topic of conversation. If you are forced to speak to someone in an elevator the first thing you say is: "How do you like this weather?" (assuming that day is one of the 30 really nice days out of the entire year), or "Isn't it miserable outside?" (and this applies to pretty much the 335 remaining days of the year). You don't ever leave your house without checking the weather (or without your cell phone, can someone remind me again how the heck did we function years ago without that extra limb called the cell phone?) because in this area of the globe Mr Temperature suffers a severe case of maniac depression. One minute you are freezing, and all of a sudden you feel like you are being cooked into a perfect medium rare term. When Mother Nature along with Mr. Temperature, God, Helios and probably the Planets are in a good mood, they reward us with the beautiful gift of a perfect day. These very few days cannot be wasted indoors under any circumstance, specially when one of your best friends calls you to meet in SoHo for a photo shoot for her website. 
"Taunt by passers with your camera? sure! I'll see you there!"

Have a great week everyone :) 

Must have accessory of the season: a gorgeous sweetie pie dressed in pink tutu and silver shoes. 
Extra points if her dress matches your hair highlights.

Customized I LoveNewYork Tshirt stolen from your friend (you don't want it back do you?) 
Vintage skirt, Miu Miu shoes that I'm planning to milk forever :)