miércoles, 18 de enero de 2012

Never say I don't make you laugh!

Guess where I've been spending my nights and days lately? Paris? Rome? Bogota? Athens?
nah, overrated.....I've been enjoying the beautiful cities of Birmingham, Alabama and Meridian, Mississippi!! (yeaaah!! no ironic tone, I swear).
Anyway, didn't want to keep out of your radars for too long, so while I was filling up my time sheet for work, watching American Idol, eating my room service dinner, browsing through facebook, and archiving old stuff in my computer (multitasking? nah), I found these very funny videos circa 2009 of my audition to HGTV Design Star. No, I never made it too far (hmmm I wonder why? was it my hardly noticeable accent? my lack of concentration? or my inability to say 3 sentences correctly? judge for yourselves after watching these videos), but I laughed so much it was worth it.

Gloria's Design Star Take I
Gloria's Design Star Take II

Gloria's Design Star Take III

Gloria's Design Star Take IV
And then a miracle happen....I was able to complete the whole thing without any apparent mistakes, although I can tell from my face that I am about to explode out of laughter in any given second. Enjoy, don't laugh so much if you are watching this in your office, and never blame me for not making you laugh!