viernes, 7 de junio de 2013

On Chastity Belts

Harness Belt should be a more exact term for the weird appurtenance that lays so peacefully over my body. Harness Belts are not designed to prevent sexual intercourse however, your mating possibilities might decrease exponentially with the continued use of the fashionable, anti-sexy, and beautiful version of a posture corrector brace collar, so I might as well call this wonderful device a Chastity Belt since the outcome will be the same: you will not get laid. 

-"What are you wearing tonight?"
-"You know, my chastity belt with my vintage dress and a pair of Miu Miu's"
-"Cool, enjoy"

In all seriousness...isn't this belt the coolest thing ever? Yes? No? Maybe? Am I weird? :)

Vintage dress rescued from a certain trip to my aunt's closets in Colombia. Remember this?
Miu Miu shoes, BCBG Chastity Belt :)
All pictures by someone who prefers to remain anonymous ;) CoCo should be back soon.

*Have you ever google'd chastity belts?
this has got to be a joke!