martes, 3 de enero de 2012

New Kid on the Blog

Testing, testing 1 2 1 2........
Can you hear me?? anyone out there?
YES! it looks like I finally have my own blog. Please forgive (and forget) any mistakes...even though my English is getting better I still feel like Sofia Vergara in Modern Family :)
These are my roots....beautiful colors and yummy flavors. Consciously I don't want to dress like fruits, but now that i think about it, this information is encoded into my DNA and voila...
i ended up doing things like this:
BCBG Shirt, JCrew Skinny Pants, Botkier booties
Promise to use a better camera next time....oh and since i don't want to get into any legal problems, the picture of the fruit lady was taken from Flickr, user: Claudio Alvarado (thanks dude! great pic ;))