domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

La Chapulina Colorada

Not feeling too inspired to write or take many pictures today. My energy level is a bit low after spending most of my day in bed eating Chinese food and watching pay per view movies. I do not recommend sleeping more than 8 hours straight, specially during the day. I can already foresee a sleepless night.
Lazy Sundays remind me of my favorite superhero of all times: El Chapulin Colorado. I remember how I used to spend hours watching  this show. I always wanted to become tiny like an ant with one of the pastillas de chiquitolina (some sort of pills that made you super small) that the main character used to take to spy on his enemies.
I miss you Chapulin, hope you like my heart sweater, I can only think about you every time I wear it.

Oh, ¿y ahora quien podrá defendernos?
("Oh, and now... who could defend us?")
Más ágil que una tortuga.
Más fuerte que un ratón.
Más noble que una lechuga.
Su escudo es un corazón.
("More agile than a turtle. / Stronger than a mouse /
Nobler than a lettuce / His emblem is a heart.")