miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

Mexico Diary Part I (aka what I vaguely remember from my vacation)

I arrived to Mexico on a Friday afternoon. After a very rough winter I very hesitantly adventured myself to the outdoors of the airport in search of my shuttle taxi. My skin cannot believe that only one layer of clothing can protect me from the weather. I haven't felt these pleasurable temperatures in months. Nine other tourists wait with me patiently in line. We are all pale as milk, damn you winter, damn you to hell!

I spent the afternoon drinking agua de coco by the pool and talking to the very nice bartender. It's surprising to see how happier people seem in more tropical climates. Is the snow turning us into unhappy hermits? I refuse to accept that. I (heart) my snowboard!

My crazy party days are gone (shame!) and now I enjoy the quietness and tranquility of small hotels, this time however I went a little too small and by seven o'clock in the afternoon I found myself having dinner with the hotel staff in the kitchen watching what for me was the best tv show on earth: El Chavo del Ocho. You know what's better than El Chavo del Ocho? Watching El Chavo del Ocho in Mexico, with Mexicans. Life is good. 

My beautiful friends arrived mid-day and from that exact moment a delicious non-stop cycle of sun, laughter, some exercise, shopping (more shame), eating tortilla with guacamole, drinking wine, sleeping, exploring, repeat started. And then came Tulum.....