miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

See-Thru my eyes

I have a very small TV that I hardly use, the truth is: I hate watching TV. I'm a cheap'o so I don't pay for any premium channels. I've never had HBO (Sex and the City became available to me when channel 11 started showing it at 10pm every night), Cinemax, or even Netflix. I miss all the fun series and I'm always left out of any pop culture related conversations. For me Breaking Bad is just a term for a severe heart ache and The Sopranos are still Pavarotti, José Carreras and Plácido Domingo -oh wait, they were The Tenors, oh well, close enough. Yet, last night as consequence of extreme boredom I turned on the TV. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, you know the usual: a politician here and there getting caught smoking weed (O.M.G!), Miley's scandals (I love her), and a whole fifteen minutes section on an entertainment show about see thru dresses. Wait, what? Seriously? Finally my see thru black dress isn't going to the "most vulgar in town" list? Oh Gwyneth, you rock! 
CoCo took these pictures of me some weeks ago when the weather was decent and I was still living in Jersey City (I recently moved to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love (uhum)....more about that on a later post) and they seemed perfect for the occasion. The occasion being "Go commando or die". I chose a slightly less provocative -and less comfortable- approach (I wouldn't scare you with a commando picture of my butt. Cellulite and I have been frenemies for years). 
Hope you are all doing fine, please don't watch too much TV, call your mom instead, or call me what the heck, I never answer the phone (I hate phones too) but I promise I'll meet you for coffee, or even better wine. 
Love you all!

Bitch stole my look!!! ;)