viernes, 8 de mayo de 2020

Self-Seclusion Thoughts...

Hell's Kitchen, NYC to the rest of the world.....Do you copy me?

What a weird yet fascinating time to be alive. In some years from now we will be able to go back and remember how most of the entire population of the planet went into forced isolation. We finally had an enemy in common that brought the human species together. The world stopped being an us-against-them and it became an us-against-the-virus. It was a sad yet beautiful period of time where we reconnected with love ones and became amateur bakers. Sigh...

If there is one big lesson Covid-19 has thought me so far is to cherish every moment of my life as the most precious thing ever, because it truly is. One day I was all dressed up enjoying a glass of wine & dancing surrounded by other humans at a crowded bar, the very next I was forced into self-seclusion, no cool outfit and no other humans to dance with. Ugh.

Who would have thought that the simplest things in life would soon to be consider dangerous, like hugging others. This is the stuff my nightmares are made of. Being the touchy-touchy person that I am, this lack of physical contact has proven to be extremely challenging. In times I wonder, how are we going to bring our guard down and start physical interaction again? How long until we feel comfortable shaking the hand of a stranger? Or how about kissing?! Or having sex? Are we doomed to become a touch-less society? Ugh again!

At the same time this can be such a powerful and trans-formative period of time. I kind of feel that we are living years in weeks and that we are witnessing in real time an evolution that would have normally taken much longer. This pandemic has given us the beautiful and rare opportunity to peel off all the unnecessary layers (literal and metaphorically) until we are left with the bare essence of what is really important to us. Things that once we thought to be critical soon were replaced by much simpler things that we had forgotten or that we took for granted (hello natural hair color!)

How about you? How has this period of time changed you? Are you so over this you can't wait to go out dancing with strangers? I hear you loud and clear! Count me in. Over.

Used MiuMiu shoes brought to you by Ebay years ago and still remain as one of my favorite pairs. #buylessbuysmarter
Chandas (Colombian slang for mutts or animals with doubtful pedigree) brought to you by my immense love for animals. Animals are my friends. Please don't eat your friends. 
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