domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

When everything else fails.....

Just because I love fashion, architecture, and everything in between and just because I'm writing these posts doesn't necessarily mean that I always get it right (actually now that i think about it, I rarely get it right, I just enjoy my mistakes and have fun with them). Anyway, today was one of those days that nothing fitted, the hair was flat like a pizza, the cats kept meowing for food and I was hungry. But this blogging thing is too much fun to abandon for cereal and milk. So, when everything else fails get your high waisted, balloon skirt out of the closet and have fun with it!
Why does high waisted skirts work for moi? because they hide that layer of fat on your stomach that not even crossfit training 5 times a week can melt. As for the bandeau top? go back to the title of this post and concentrate on the skirt.
Let's just don't forget to have fun while playing dress up,
throw on your torero jacket (compliments of my uncle's closet) 
and make sure to make your photographer laugh with a "torero pose"
(and please don't support bullfighting.....people have fun, bulls don't)
Thank God for Marc Jacobs shoes...even with a PMS attitude these shoes still make me smile :)
and for a more dramatic the robot dance