miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Top 20 Real Nice Things in Life

I was directed by a fellow blogger to Karl Lagerfeld's blog. Maybe I don't get his "jokes," but I felt nauseous about how being skinny is one of the most important things in his life and the lives of his followers. After reading  a couple of his postings I felt like eating two bacon hamburgers with French fries and drinking three liters of non-diet Coke just to feel like a fighter against this stupid gotta-be-anorexic trend. I still think he is a great designer (actually I love his work) but why on earth is the fashion world so shallow? Why does dressing uniquely and expressing yourself through what you use to cover your beautiful body an excuse for being mean? 

However, something good happened after I compulsively closed out of Mr. Lagerfeld's blog. I felt inspired to start a new project called "The Guayaba Project Top 20 Real Nice Things in Life." For the next twenty entries I will make reference to those things that bring my oomph up and wake up my sleeping butterflies. This project will be the Billboard of feelings. I don't even know what my number-one nice thing is yet-! You'll have to stay tuned to find out. 

At the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference I attended a couple of weeks ago, I heard Iman (super-model married to David Bowie, for those of you living in a cave or, even worse, with no interest in pop culture) say: "Girls, a successful person is not someone with a lot of money or a lot of power. A successful person is someone that inspires others to do great things." Thank you, Karl (we are buddies now), for inspiring me through your blog to not become a shallow bitch! 

Real Nice Thing in Life #20: The feeling of immersing your body in water. Extra points if it happens with the US Polo team. 

Unfortunately all these pictures were not taken by me. The lucky bastard was L.A. based photographer Luke Gilford