viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2012

Custo Barcelona's SS2013 Roller Coaster Ride

One of my favorite moments in a fashion show is the seconds right before the show starts when the lights go off and the music starts pumping. It's a ready-or-not-here-I-come moment after which no body will be able to move you out of that front row seat you just stole. I like to compare this feeling to the seconds before a roller coaster starts free-falling after a long, agonizing, and very exciting climb up. The anticipation starts building up and you can hardly contain yourself (and of course you start thinking: why the hell did I let [insert dare devil's friend name here] convince me to get on this thing?)
I've never enjoyed a "roller coaster ride" as much as Custo Barcelona's SS2013. First of all I managed to squeeze myself onto the first row of a very crowded media riser. Being polite and wearing a smile will never go out of fashion. And then the clothes,-! I could see myself wearing all of his collection (all at the same time if possible). This ride was full of exciting colors, beautiful textures and the sickest wood platform shoes- I'll probably be drooling for them once they hit the stores. It was also nice to notice that these models were slightly happier than their counterparts in other shows. 
As in any good ride, it seemed too short. If I could only get back in line and re-ride it again.-! I must wait until next year. Glad I have a recollection of the last moments before the ride came to an end, though. Hope you like them.
All pictures by me. Alcibiades promises to show his face this coming weekend. 
I miss him.