lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

Rafael Cennamo SS13

Operation Crashing into Fashion Week was a total success. My strategy worked just as planned. I managed to sneak my way into a few shows during the weekend, one of my favorites hands-down being Rafael Cennamo's. Aside from the fact that the dresses were absolutely fantastic, futuristic and extremely well executed, this designer wins the award for coolest make-up and angriest models. Why do these gorgeous girls always have an I-hate-you-face? Is smiling not allowed in the fashion world? I tried my best--unsuccessfully--to make them laugh. Note to self: try the the black tooth trick next time, report results and make any necessary adjustments. Models: you shall surrender, resistance is futile!

All pictures by me.
Thanks Rafael Cennamo for letting me crash into your show. Congratulations on a beautiful collection.