lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

Monday's deep thoughts....

I've been on the lookout for a cool pair of "real life" shoes (i.e. shoes that I can wear without blistering my feet to the point of bleeding) for the past couple of weeks. I love high heels, but those are unrealistic, impractical shoes, at least for those of us with wide feet and without a chauffeur to drive us everywhere instead of having to move at a regular and fairly slow pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once, also known as walking.

So in my quest for the perfect pair of shoes I came along these Marie Antoinette inspired Miu Miu shoes. I like these for three main reasons:

1. They remind me of Courtney Love. Allow me to explain; I was walking by the Miu Miu SoHo store during a lunch break, and since I get attracted to shiny objects just  like a seagull, I decided to take a look inside to see all the different items I can't afford (with the exception of certain on sale shoes that nobody but dorks like me like). All of a sudden the store manager closes the store (with me inside) and I find myself shopping next to Nirvana's first lady Courtney Love. Her bag was laying open next to mine. I thought about slipping one of my blog's card into her purse (shame), but I didn't have the balls (more shame).  

2. They are shiny. Read reason #1.
3. They are wide. As much as I like fashion and clothing, I'm a very basic human being. Along with loving skinny-dipping, honest smiles and laugh-until-your-belly-hurts moments, there's nothing I love more than being barefoot. This has caused my feet to widen up to the point where they look more like a square rather than a rectangle. So finding shoes that don't bother my always-growing bunion is always a challenge.  

I took my soon-to-be everyday shoes out for a test drive. No blisters or purple toe nails for five blocks of non-stop walking! Life is beautiful.
Miu Miu shoes, Dannijo necklace, Mossimo for Target Love sweater, Kirna Zabate for Target plastic skirt and bracelet.
All picture by Alcibiades.