lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

Enchanted Island

I don't remember how many times I've traveled to Puerto Rico. Is one of those places along with Paris and Tulum that have a very special meaning for me. Maybe because it reminds me of Colombia but most certainly because of the beauty of its people. Since the very first time I visited the enchanted island with my brother more than 13 years ago, I felt as if I belong there. Hey you Boricuas out there! thank you for all of these years of great memories.

So, in celebration of me getting 20 followers* on blogger!! :) (this well earned event deserves not only double exclamation marks but bold letters and smiley faces) I'm sharing with you my pictures from my trip number "I lost count already" to Puerto Rico. As you can see, Alcibiades makes overseas trips too (is Puerto Rico considered overseas? I guess so right? you are going over a sea to get there...yeap). 

* I need to air out some feelings I have about followers. When I started this fun activity called "blogging" I thought it could be a nice way of sharing my life with family and friends. And then something super cool happened, people that I've never met before started emailing me and saying really nice things about my posts, and not only that, but they started following me. Thank you so much, this means a lot to me, I will try my best not to let you down. 

I hope you are still awake and reading this, or at least scrolling down fast to take a look at the pictures, I promise these are kinda fun. I'm wearing a bathing suit and my skin is the same color as the sand. I had to wear red lipstick for safety reasons so people and birds could see and wouldn't run me over.

Luv you all,

Guayaba daba doo :)

Doggie in Old San Juan
Spying on another hottie. No one is safe around me. Be aware, be very aware!
Let's take a do you call these flowers? In Colombia they are called veraneras and they come in many colors. My mom has the pink variety. Aren't they just perfect?

Pigeons of Old San Juan......

Enjoy your week. Love, laugh, exercise, and read more, watch less TV and don't forget to call your mom more often (sorry mom, I'll call tomorrow, promise!)