viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

My Cat and his trillion hairs

In preparation for a certain trip I'm taking very soon I got myself a new lenses for my camera. My favorite model in the world (remember this?) was caught on the off limits sofa  he loves demanding food. Who can resist his trillion hairs and those I hate you gimme food and get out of my face eyes? 
I found this fatso many years ago while I was living in Brooklyn. We made a secret vow that he would always vomit hairballs on my family heirloom carpet, kill and bring to me as trophies all sorts of rodents and birds, and give serious allergies to visitors and small children. I promised I will forever be his faithful food source. So far we haven't broken any promises. We've kept our word.   

Do something crazy this weekend and tell me about it, and don't forget to love and protect your pets.
I love you all :) See you later.

Cat by God, Blanket desperately trying to protect the sofa that the Cat isn't supposed to be lying on  by my mother and her wonderful linen's closet (we should visit her closet one day, seriously).