domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Come out and Play!

I'm feeling adventurous lately and have decided to step away from the safeness of my favorite photo shoot location (my building's roof) to start exploring alternative sites where I can scare not only Alcibiades but bystanders and neighbors. With the exception of some people hoping anxiously that I will slip and fall into the Hudson River, most people seemed pretty entertained to have me around acting like a clown. 

I hope you like these pictures, they were done with love. I wish you all a great Easter and just remember to laugh, hug, play, and travel more often; there are still many roofs to see. 

Have you ever smelled the Hudson River? 

Close-up picture of my cavities. Hi there!

"Citizens of Lilliput...resistance is futile! must surrender!"

Zara blazer, Dooney and Bourke crossbody bag, Prada sunglasses, Frye boots, and My-very-own white dress that I've had for many years and can't really remember how I got it :). And in case you are still wondering, no, I'm not wearing white stalkings, that paleness on my legs is natural and I'm hoping to get rid of it very soon! (hey, at least I shaved!). All pictures by Alcibiades (Dear Alcibiades, I can't thank you enough for the patience and the countless hours of mad laughter we've shared doing this project, I love you).