jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

Real Nice Thing in Life #17

Just as I thought would happen, I sucked at my audition. I've never had any type of experiences in front of a professional video camera before. Until  last Monday, I was a virgin regarding teleprompters, interviews, and bright lights. And then I was deflowered in front of six panelists who kept asking me about my beauty tips and how I would define my personal style. I gave 100% honest responses. I told them that shampooing my hair every day followed by massive amounts of hair conditioner then letting it air-dry even during the coldest months was my number one beauty tip. My interview ended shortly after this. After discussing this later with more knowledgeable peers I realized I should've said something more among the lines of: "I like to wear lipstick or lip gloss that flatters my face!" (Wow! What a revelation!) then looked straight at the camera done a blink-blink with my eyes and finished with a coquettish smile. Sure. They should be thankful I didn't tell them that the best blush is the one you get after drinking red wine and having sex. Now that's a real beauty tip!

I must say however that everything happens for a reason. My reason this time being all the cool girls I met while waiting for my turn at the guillotine  Most of them had some sort of experience as actresses or show hosts each one prettier than the last (and taller, and skinnier, and did I say prettier already?). 

I've been holding on to these illustrations for the longest time and I feel like today is the perfect day for posting them. They're from a very talented Colombian illustrator named Catalina Jaramillo Quijano. They belong to a collection called Sillas Musicales (Musical Chairs). She found inspiration in a phrase from Roland Barthes's A Lover's Discourse:

"Game: there were as many chairs as children, minus one; while the children marched around, a lady pounded on a piano; when she stopped, everyone dashed for a chair and sat down, except the clumsiest, the least brutal, or the unluckiest, who remained standing, stupid, de trop: the lover." 

That kid was me, and I loved it.

Real Nice Thing in Life #17: The feeling of adrenaline flowing through your veins while you do something that scares the shit out of you! 

All illustrations by Catalina Jaramillo Quijano