martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Real Nice Thing in Life #16

Aside from thinking about why the Martians haven't approached us more openly and how to copy-and-paste text from model space into paper space without losing the scale (AutoCAD question, sorry), I've also been  wondering why we are the only species in the world that covers our bodies with a second layer of material known as clothing. What is it that we want to cover so compulsively? Is cellulite really that bad? Are hairy nipples the worst thing that can happen to a woman? (For the record, I DO NOT have hairy nipples! I might have hairy toes, and my arm pits are a bit out of control, but believe me, hairy nipples are something I did not inherit from my father). I'm not trying to promote a let's-go-naked-day, but I've always wondered why  humans are so fascinated by corporal ornaments. For all I know, my hats are the equivalent of a peacock's feathers, and when I wear a good pair of shoes I feel higher in the food pyramid than the Lion King. I find it amazing how clothing and accessories control our position in our herd. Wear a pair of killer high-heels and your pairing possibilities increase exponentially. 

I recently got my very first pair of formulated glasses. These medical aids are only to be worn when staring at non-moving objects like a book, a computer or my husband while watching the presidential debate. However, I've decided to use them as a bodily camouflage to attempt to deceive other primates into thinking I'm smarter than them hence raising my survival odds in the concrete jungle.

Real Nice Thing in Life #16: Having a beautiful blog and wonderful readers! (and a pair of glasses that elevated my intellectual status in the office from cute blonde to bad-ass Clark Kent ;))

All pictures by the one and only Alcibiades.
Donna Karan Blouse and Skirt, H&M bat sweater, Miu Miu shoes, 
Hat brought to you by Colombian peasants.