lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Tops down!

The rooftop of my building has become my favorite photo shoot location. It can be the middle of the winter and I can get away wearing a jean jacket and bare legs (disregard purple-lish color on toes and fingers). Cold wind improves blood circulation therefore attacking cellulite and uneven skin (sudden thoughts of spending 3 hours butt naked on my roof top as a cellulite treatment rapidly control my brain. Thoughts quickly disappear as I start imagining upset neighbors and disturbed helicopter pilots and birds). 
this is my I'm-freezing-but-let's-play-it-cool look

Miu Miu shoes, Gap jacket, BCBG t-shirt, vintage skirt.
Note the pretty bracelets I'm wearing, they are hand made with love. Drop me a love note for more information (I might keep them all, my arm and the bracelets are pretty much in love right now, you know I love love notes. How many times did I write the word love?)