domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

On Bandeau Tops

Inspired by a super cool picture I saw in Nylon magazine I decided to post something about bandeau tops. New York Fashion week and Paris Fashion week were both inundated with beautiful "band aid tops". 
Too risque? hell yeah. Vulgar? nah, ok, maybe a bit. Controversial? Always, and that's why I'm loving this trend. 
Because a picture of me in a bathing suit is not embarrassing enough, I'm also sharing with you the youtube video of the photoshoot :)

Real life outfit I wore this weekend. I didn't have the balls to take the blazer off!
Zara Blazer, MiuMiu shoes, Zara pants, Agua bendita bathing suit (see? this is a very easy outfit, just dig into your old bathing suit tops drawer and you are good to go) 
Alcibiades, thanks again for your help, you can't never say that you job is boring!