martes, 25 de diciembre de 2018

The Malpasos

I had lots of imaginary friends as a little girl. I remember having long conversations with my stuffed dog Pepito and asking Libby, a Barbie doll, for advice on boys. And how could I forget my best friend Angélica, a flamboyant unicorn? I still blame her early influence for some of my most scandalous sartorial choices to this day. Sadly, as I grew up, I stopped paying as much attention to my imaginary friends, and consequently most of our relationships lapsed.

But many others have somehow persisted, remaining next to me and even managing to materialize in real life. That's how my Malpaso* family came to be. They're a series of clay sculptures that give form to the fun, beautiful, and colorful creatures that have been inside my head since childhood—and don't seem ready to leave my side anytime soon.

Each Malpaso character has a story to tell; some are fictional, some are factual, but all share a little bit of my essence. These little troublemakers are crafted with love by Colombian hands in a small pottery studio in New York City’s iconic Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. Combining the colors and forms of the tropics with New York’s exhilarating, shape-shifting character, every Malpaso piece is surprisingly vibrant and evocative, yet friendly—and will definitely make you smile.

So come meet my real-life Malpaso family! May this be the beginning of a lifelong friendship!

*In Spanish "mal-paso" means "misstep," as in accidental creations that turned out to be great ideas, like Post-It notes, tea bags, Corn Flakes, penicillin, Slinkies, the daring apple that fell over Newton's get the idea.