lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

Conversations with God

I got myself the coolest book ever called 642 Things To Write About (by the San Francisco Writer's Grotto). As the name suggests, the book describes 642 fantasy scenarios to write about. The ideas go anywhere from "Write the lyrics of a rap song. They must include a cop, a bad dry bust, and a dog" to "Create an imaginary friend (human or not)". I would definitely go thru the 642 ideas and promise to share with you the ones I find most entertaining (or most embarrassing, which for the most part happens to be the most entertaining). 

I glimpsed quickly thru the book and got inspired to come up with  my very own idea #643: If you have the opportunity to call God (or the Holley Molly, The Divine, Your Holley Cannoli, or whatever is it that you believe in -or not-) and speak with him for a few moments, what would you tell him? Extra points if you use a shoe phone a lá Maxwell Smart....

(To increase my chances of getting through God's very busy hot line I will use two "shoe phones" as opposed to one just the same way I use several phone devices when I need to call La W Radio or Radio Bemba to request a song)
"Hi, can I speak with God please?"
I'm on hold....
 Still on hold. I'm listening to Kenny Rogers background music...
 "God? Hi it's me! Hi how are you?!"
"I'm good thanks for listen, I'm calling you to thank you for the beautiful day, the sun, the flowers, the sea, my family, my cats, music, James Rodriguez and the Colombian soccer team, vanilla ice cream, wine & cheese, cherry chapstick, I Love Love by Moschino perfume, ricotta and strawberries with mint, green tea latte with coconut milk....."
"...banana smoothie with almond butter and almond milk, (it just tastes sooo good!)...."
"Oh wait I also wanted to thank you for my friends -specially CoCo, Pao, Maritza, Meghan, Ri, Lauren, the Pumacitas from my office-, my lavender detergent, brown sugar exfoliant, massages, pedicures, manicures, my bicycle, my funny accent when I speak English...hold on...."
 "Can I put you on hold? My mom's calling..."
He hanged up on me...
In all seriousness be thankful for life, love and everything in between.

And now repeat after me: 
"I'm too grateful to be hateful. I am too blessed to be stressed"
El DeBarge