domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2012

Ibague, Colombia. End of The World 2012

I happen to be lucky enough to have a family full of obsessive compulsive members. We have bi-polars, hoarders, passionate alcoholics, peaceful warriors, and unconditional PG-13 lovers. My late grandmother used to be a seamstress- Spanish couture at its best. My aunts and mom followed her steps as dressmakers- the tradition however, ended abruptly with me as I became a dress-wearer. The house where I used to spend my vacation in Ibague, Colombia is a place full of vintage treasures, since my aunts never threw anything away, because as they say: "Algún día podré necesitar esa blusa..." (some day I might need that blouse). Innocently, they are on the path of becoming hoarders.... 

As I enter this place, after not visiting my aunts for two years, the delicious mixture of tobacco, eucalyptus plants, patchouli, and oleo paints welcome me and fill my brain with childhood memories. This house is my secret spot. I feel comfortable here. I started my vintage trip in my favorite aunt's closet. I will not disclose her name to avoid jealousy and the like. But she knows she's my favorite :) Reluctantly she surrendered several bags full of clothes. As it was expected, I love every single item. After further negotiations I scored seven dresses and a couple of blouses. Call me shallow, but this type of acquisitions make my life happy. I kidnapped my brother as the photographer for this trip. He's a biologist with an aversion for fashion, yet he seemed to enjoyed his role. However, I had to give him massive amounts of alcohol and a well deserved tip. 

My second aunt forbade me from entering her territory. I'm not giving up yet. I still have a couple of days. Eventually she'll surrender to me. Resistance is futile. I hope you all have wonderful holiday's celebrations. Call it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, End of the World, Three Kings day, or just Good Karma. I will spent the remaining days of the year in the land that saw me grow up to be the obsessive happy person I am today.
 I don't smoke. I think smoking tobacco is really bad for your lungs. But my aunts smoke and if I'm going to violate their closets the least thing I can do is share a cigarette with them. I also like to embellish things a bit, it might be part of my artistic side..... 
My favorite necklace now days is this beautiful Dannijo specimen. It's all candies, and eyes. What's not to like? 
The delicious feeling of sharing a good family gossip with my mom. I found out dark secrets about my family. After all we are all humans. Don't worry tias, I'm with you and non, je ne regrette rien neither.

Disclosure: I haven't spoken a single word of English since I landed in Colombia five days ago. My short-long term memory keeps letting me down and my second language tends to disappear when most of the words I speak are: piscina, familia, comida, tamales, and mas vino por favor. My beautiful English teacher/ blog editor is on vacation too. Please forgive my sloppy English. Things will eventually go back to normal, what ever "normal" means.