sábado, 30 de junio de 2012

España, Parte I

Forgive me for being away from my blog for so long. I took some time off to go to Spain and as much as I intended to work on my blog while on vacation, the Spaniards made it impossible for me. On my mental balance every night I had on one side my blog and on the other I had paellas, music and sangrias. I guess you already know how I spent most of my nights. Alcibiades and I (you wouldn’t think I'd travel to Spain without him wouldn’t you?) went to Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Formentera. We spent a few days between Madrid and Barcelona and most of the remaining days in the islands. The best part of the trip, aside from the gorgeous beaches, the yummy food, and the beautiful cities, were the nice people we met. Spaniards are the best of Spain.
Madrid and Barcelona have the enchantment of old cities. Every corner your turn there’s a hidden gem. I can only compare this feeling to my visits to my grandma’s house where I used to go through every corner of her closet looking for nice dresses and jewelry. In a way, these old cities make me feel like home. If you’ve never been to either one of these cities I strongly recommend that you put more money into that piggy bank, your brain will greatly appreciate being filled with great memories.
Ibiza, Ibiza, Ibiza……even after being there and realizing that the whole island is not a giant club with a speaker on each corner and loud music playing 24/7 I still feel like partying after typing her name. I made some research before traveling, but nothing prepared me to the beauty of this place. Yes, there are the world famous clubs and bars, but those only correspond to maybe 2% of the area of the island, so you still have a good 98% of gorgeous nature to explore. I didn’t go to any crazy club (forgive me, I tried, I swear I did! I intended to even take some cool pictures with the nice lights, but the idea of going out at 2am and partying until midday while on a paradisiacal island doesn’t thrill me anymore) but I went to an outdoor bar called Las Dalias where I danced to live drums while letting my inner hippie enjoy herself. There’s a video of me dancing and jumping….I’ll share it with you soon, it’s embarrassing of course.
The cherry on the pie was Formentera. This little island is 25 minutes away from Ibiza by ferry. By little I mean that you can drive from the farthest end to the island to the opposite end in 45 minutes max. It has remained a truly unexplored paradise with the right amount of small hotels and restaurants. The beaches are beyond beautiful and exotic. There are plenty to choose from. Say you like the busy beach with crying babies, volleyball playing, and loud music playing in the nearby hotel, Formentera has very few like that. Or are you the type of person that likes to take some rays au naturel while scaring seagulls and the like? Then this is the place for you.
I will divide these pictures in Parte I (cities) and Parte II (beaches) so you don't fall asleep in front of your computer. I hope you like them and that you haven't forgotten me. I came back with great ideas so don't abandon me, just not yet.
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