sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

How to Crash a Party Guayaba Style

Dear reader, 

As you might know, the base of a good relationship among many things is honesty. With that being said, I present you The-Guayaba-Ugly-Truth:
Ugly Truth #1:
I watch  Sabado Gigante Saturday evenings.
Ugly Truth #2:
I don't like to shower on Sundays.
Ugly Truth #3:
I think Dr. House is a hottie with limping leg and everything.
Ugly Truth #4:
I have been crashing Fashion Week for the past 5 years. I've crashed into the tents so many times all the security guards know me and greet me everywhere I go. They love me and I love them too. I've establish a relationship with the regulars, some of them call me Goldie Locks. This year however I'm playing the stalker. And I'm liking it......

I want this beautiful pink specimen.
I'm giving you a fast forward image of me in 30 years :)

Drama drama drama! This reminds me of my old post:
Late Afternoon Gal. Hottie, hottie, hottie.

I'm keeping an eye on you Focker!

I know you like to be stalked, I know you do ;)
I can crash the shows too. Wanna hang out with me?
Nicole Miller Fall 2012. My favorite looks:

...and Charlotte Ronson
The shoes! the shoes!!!
And with the scuba look I leave you. For now.
Once a stalker always a stalker.